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1kw Micro-inverter&storage all-in-one Energy system

Technical Specifications Model No.
                    Off Grid Operation
Max. PV input power1200W
Rated AC output power1000W
Output peak power (W)2000W(200ms)
Grid-Tie Operation
Rated power1000W
Grid connected power1000W
Mains charging current0-40A adjustable
AC input voltage range90-265VAC
Input frequency range50HZ/60HZ ±3HZ
AC input connection typeL/N/PE
MPPT Solar Charger
Rated battery voltage25.6V
Charging current40A max
PV input voltage range36-60VDC
PV input power1200W max.
PV charging power1000W max.
Number of PV input tracker1
PV input interface Off-Grid Output (AC) Nominal output VoltAnderson interface230Vac, Single Phase
Output frequency50/60hz
Nominal output current4.35A
Power factor1
Max. conversion efficiency (DC/AC)91.5%max
Energy Storage Information
Nominal battery voltage25.6VDC
Core materialLithium iron phosphate battery
Energy storage capacity1536Wh/2500Wh
Core cycleA2000cycles&25℃ Standard charging and discharging process@80% SOH
General Infomration
PV cable1 piece 4m²*5m double core 4m² PV cable
AC cable1 European power cord 1.8m
Products dimension,D X W X H (mm)744*420*160MM
Products package,D X W X H (mm)860*490*265MM
Product net weight(kgs)30kg/43kg
Product gross weight(kgs)31kg/45KG
The noise60dB Max(1 meter)
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Operating temperature-10℃ to 50℃
Storage temperature-15℃ to 60℃
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