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PEO-2500-Portable Power Station

2.5H Charging Time

187 Standard Certifications

Fast Charging Capability

Portable Battery Power Station

Multi-Protection to Ensure Battery Safety

Download: PEO-2500 Product Standard

Cell Chemistry: Lithium lron PhosphateAC Output Type: Pure Sine WaveCapacity: 2496WhWattage: 2500W(4500W Peak)
Charging Time: 2.5 HoursCar Outlet: 13V 10A MaxDC Output: 13V3A MaxAnderson Output: 13V 15A
USB 3.0: 18W Max 5V/3A 9V/2A 12V/1.5ATYPE-C: 100W Max 5V-3A 9V/15V/20V-5AProduct Dimensions: 51.5x29.2x32.2CMltem Weight: 25.5KG
Temperature Protection: -20℃-60℃Cycle Life: 4000 cycles to 70% capacityCertificate: CE/FCC/ROSH/Intertek

Multi-Protection for Guaranteed Battery Safety

The BMS protection board consists of an analog front-end (AFE) and MCU, which are designed with multi-level protection settings ensuring reliable battery protection and safety.

The MCU provides real-time software protection based on sampling data, while the AFE unit promptly safeguards the battery from anomalies such as overcurrent, short circuits, etc.


The system in this outdoor power station features 4 overcurrent protections:

  1. Power board current protection
  2. MCU-implemented software overcurrent protection
  3. AFE hardware overcurrent protection
  4. Fuse melting protection is the final safety measure


Fully Certified & Tested

The outdoor power station has undertaken 187 certification tests, including:

  1. 20 general product specification tests
  2. 60 electric shock and protection tests
  3. 16 fire tests and protection against them
  4. 1 harmful substances test
  5. 11 mechanical damage tests
  6. 7 thermal burn tests
  7. 17 abnormal operating condition tests
  8. 33 critical component specification tests
  9. 22 battery protection tests

The battery tests encompass an evaluation of the BMS charging protection mechanism to prevent battery overcharging and potential failures. Besides, the tests also include EMC testing to ensure the system's compliance with electromagnetic compatibility standards. Therefore, this is the best portable power station you can trust.


High Charging Efficiency

The portable battery power station series provides various wattages, including 700W, 1000W, 2000W, and 2500W, catering to diverse power needs. This series supports both AC charging and fast charging options. The AC output voltage can reach 230V, while the DC output goes up to 13V. For added convenience, the outdoor power station series boasts a rapid recharge time, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 hours.


Portable Convenience

The portable battery power station, designed to be compact and lightweight, boasts a sizable capacity and numerous ports, guaranteeing that all your devices remain charged, whether you're enjoying a barbecue, on vacation, or constantly on the move.

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