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Paris Rhône 500ml Milk Frothers MF005, And Electric Milk Heater, Hot Chocolate Maker

Dachable 4-in-1 Multifunctional: The multifunctional milk frother is capable of making hot chocolate, heating milk in 60±5℃ / 158±9℉, frothing hot and cold fluffy foam for your latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and other drinks.
• Dense Foam in Short Time: Only in 2 minutes can make frothy foam, ideal for your breakfast, brunch, tiktok snap time, which enhances both delicate taste and art for barista-quality drinks.
• Hot Chocolate Maker: Utilizing a unique chocolate cover design, this milk frother can make hot chocolate with the higher temperature up to 85℃ / 185℉.
• Large Capacity & Upgraded Design: 500ML (16.9oz) for hot chocolate/milk heating and 250ML (8.5oz) for hot/cold milk frothing. Perfect for your family and friends’ reunion. Its angled jug spout design is great for creating latte art and minimizing spillage.
• Easy Cleaning & Safe Using: The milk frother supports dishwasher cleaning; with the Strix temperature control, it automatically shuts down after the drink is made; the food-grade 304 and BPA-free stainless steel jug makes the beverage safer and healthier.

  • 3 wind modes & 9 speeds
  • DC motor with 7 blades
  • Working noise as low as 38dB
  • 60°/90°/120° wide oscillation
  • 90° tiltable fan head
  • 3.6 - 3.93ft adjustable height
  • Hot & Cold Foam
  • Hot Chocolate Maker
  • Extra-Large Capacity
  • Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Auto Shut-off

Extraordinary Coffee Companion

This 4-in-1 detachable milk frother caters to coffee fanatics' needs and hot chocolate lovers. You can get a cup of coffee with dense foam in only 2 minutes. The upgraded large capacity provides you 500ml of heating milk or chocolate, and up to 250ml of milk for frothing foam. The milk frother adopts high-precision Strix temperature control to make sure that it automatically shuts down after finishing making the drink. Dishwasher cleaning and water rinsing are both feasible.

Magnetic Base Contact

Used the principle of magnetic attraction to heat and froth and equipped with a safety contact, the milk frother won't work until the milk jug is placed accurately.

What's In The Box:

1 x Milk Frother (PE-MF005) 1 x Frothing Whisk 1 x Frothing Whisk Holder 1 x Chocolate Cover

One-Button Control

You can get various flavors of coffee and even hot chocolate via one-button simple control to start your energetic morning.

Hot Chocolate Maker (75-85°C /167-185°F)

Make you happy, drive away your gray mood and relieve your stress with a delicate taste.

Milk Heating (65-75°C /149-167°F)

Not only improves the taste of milk, but also retains the high nutritional value, making the milk healthier to drink.

Cold/Hot Foam (65-75°C /149-167°F)

Match all kinds of coffee with hot foam as you like, and feel icy summer taste with cold foam.
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