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AC EV charger US standard

11.5KW EV Charger 48AC

Voltage: 208‑ 240VacCurrent/Power: 48A/11.5KWFrequency: 50‑ 60HZNetwork Type: LAN Wi‑ Fi /Bluetooth
Working Temperature: ‑ 30°C- 50°CIP Level: IP65IK Level: IK08Cable Length: 5.48M
Net Weigh: 4.3KGSGross Weight: 5.4KGSProduct Size: 22*22*9.4CMPacking Size: 30.5*41.7*27CM

Rapid Charging & High-Quality Battery:

The charger's 11.5KW power output allows for quick charging of an 80kWh car in just 7 hours, while a 7KW charger takes 10 hours. Additionally, the battery current can be adjusted between 16-48A, which helps prolong its lifespan.

Smart Remote Control for Cost Savings:

The charger supports both WiFi and Bluetooth, enabling you to remotely connect to the intelligent app for real-time monitoring of the charging status. You can schedule charging times with your preferences, such as charging during off-peak hours to lower costs.

Advanced Safety

This charger has an IP67 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use even on rainy days. Its IK08 anti-collision rating protects it from external wear and tear, ensuring durability over time. Moreover, its long-life design with MTBF of 50,000 hours reduces the risk of product failures, making it a reliable choice for frequent use.

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